swipeXplore is a rapidly growing provider of consulting, outsourcing services and e-commerce pioneer in eastern part of India and leading a strong business network globally in UK, Europe, Australia and US.

We recognise our social responsibility in terms of sustainability and are committed towards identifying and complying to the environmental impacts of our business activities and to prevent pollution through the adoption of appropriate controls.

As part of our commitment to continually improving our environmental performance as well as giving back to society, we have established an SSR(Social & Sustainability Responsibility) cell.

Management of controls, key objectives, targets and projects in our significant impact areas are a key feature of our SSR.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions –

We will identify and monitor the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions arising from our activities and establish initiatives to achieve a measurable reduction in the GHG footprint of our operations. Specifically, we aim to reduce our overall carbon footprint and reduce our carbon emissions related to society.

Energy & Resource Use –

We will monitor energy consumption across the offices and data centres we manage and seek to achieve measurable improvements in energy efficiency. We are committed to improving the energy efficiency of our data centres.

Waste –

We will monitor the quantity of waste generated together with associated disposal methods across our sites. We will minimise our production of wastes and actively promote reuse and recycling initiatives across our operations.

As a future program, our management has been developing a blueprint for stepping into the noble activity around waste management services including plastic, paper and e-waste. There has been collaborative goal objective set along with M/s Weimerz Services an emerging waste management services provider.

Client Services –

Where possible, we will consider the environmental impacts and risks, and manage our environmental impacts in accordance with our policy when working with clients. We take majors to be compliant with ISO 14001.

Procurement –

We will consider through our procurement processes, the environmental issues typically associated with the production, consumption and disposal of key products and services we procure. Where possible, we will favour the use of suppliers who can demonstrate environmentally sound business practices. Wherever practical, we will procure products derived from sustainable resources.

Performance against our objectives and targets, together with conformance to our SSR and this Environmental Policy will be reviewed periodically by our Management board.


Renewable Energy source and water protection –

Apart from waste management, we have ventured into renewable energy source such as solar power.

We encourage to install solar panels in various offices to accommodate alternative green energy sources. Now we have a mission of preserving water resource and fight against water scarcity. There has been initial successful talks with leading firm from Poland to leverage swift movement along this dream path.