> Compressors

  • Five most common types

– Reciprocating

  • Uses a piston-cylinder and valves
  • Most common type of compressor
  • Use this type for your projects

– Screw

  • Lobes of two rotating screws trap and compress gas

– Centrifugal

  • Uses centrifugal force to compress gas
  • Common in large systems (200 to 10000 kW of refrigeration


– Vane

  • Uses a roller to compress gas
  • Used in most domestic refrigeration and ac systems

– Scroll

  • Two inter-fitting spiral-shaped scrolls compress the gas
  • Used in 115, ton(35 to 53kW)range, ac applications


> Terminology

  • Open-type compressor

– Crankshaft extends through housing to connect with the


– Seals are used to limit refrigerant leakage

  • Hermetically sealed

– Motor and compressor are combined in the same housing

– Used for small domestic systems


  • Semi-hermetic

– Cylinder heads are removable for serviceability. Good for

systems larger than domestic.

  • Condensing unit

– Motor, compressor, and condenser are combined in one unit

and sold together

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