swipeXplore is a global platform which is operative in various wings to cater different social groups. This has got it’s presence majorly in cities Bhubaneswar, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in India. We are venturing into Europe and UK market for addressing the surge in need of Indian products. This has got state-of-the Art online shopping portal where numerous products can be purchased safely. This also ensures safe and reliable shopping with it’s easy payment mode and nonparallel return policy. This also houses a marketplace for classifieds where anyone can post any selling or buying requirement and connect with the advertiser. There is a prominent wing for training and placement to facilitate education transformation into growth opportunity.

This also has a increasing portion of online library ‘Knowledge base’ whose sole purpose is to enhance awareness of wider community which caters every stage of readers.

Our firm is well concerned around the environmental changes and the outcomes hence this has ventured into renewable energy sources. The major area we deal with is Solar projects and products. Our aim is to utilise the solar energy for compensation of coal and water usage. We are happy to mention that we are climbing success ladder in this area exponentially.

Apart from these, we are active in social activities such as putting effort in making education, safe water, safe living conditions reach to group of society who need them most. Our donation sections appeal for contribution which will enable us collaboratively executing this noble task. As per our SSR policy, we are committed to stand with the impacted habitats in case of any natural disasters.